Building Intelligence with Seamless Integration

Integrate every device and system regardless of manufacturer or communications protocol into a unified interoperable solution.  Notice immediate savings and a more comfortable and sustainable environment using Niagara technology. The Niagara framework is the one software platform for total integration, interoperability, connectivity and significant return on investment.

  • Open Connectivity: Regardless of protocol or platform, the Niagara Framework connects.

  • Open Ingenuity: Customizable without restrictions or limitations, allowing you to add or expand Niagara’s capabilities.

  • Open Choice: Maximum flexibility enables you to work with any vendor, build on existing systems and preserve legacy investments.


Trusted Names, The Latest IoT Technologies, and the Freedom To Choose


Talon Building Control System – Making the Most of Your Building Investment

Today’s buildings are becoming increasingly complex. Building automation systems don’t just control the basics. They regulate airflow, monitor energy use and are being called upon to integrate with security, lighting, and other systems throughout buildings to deliver comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Choosing a TALON® system can help you get the most out of your building, today and tomorrow.

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Tridium is a global leader in business application frameworks that have fundamentally changed the way devices and systems connect. We are passionate innovators developing the operating system of the Internet of Things. From buildings and data centers to manufacturing systems, smart cities and beyond, Tridium’s open frameworks and environments are changing the rules for automation technology.

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Honeywell WEBs-AX™

Offers you an affordable integrated open communications building control system. WEBs-AX is a family of state-of-the-art, Web-enabled building information solutions that provide you with amazing flexibility. The entire system is Internet-based. With the WEBs-AX open integrated system, you’ll have the versatility to choose a collection of best-of-class control products for your building needs.

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Zeus is your new cloud-based software that analyzes your building’s Energy Performance, Costs, and Correlations. Leverage valuable building data to identify faults and patterns of inefficiency that result in ways to improve energy utilization and return on investment.

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World leader in Open Building Automation integration solutions.Manufacturer of Ethernet based, DDC Controllers. EASYIO controllers are tested, certified and accredited via CE, UL and FCC. EASYIO sells its product and services worldwide.

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Take full advantage of an award-winning IOT Application Enablement Platform for Niagara.  DGLux5 is a visualization framework that maximizes analysis efficiency and enables faster communication through real-time, data-driven dashboards for web, desktop and mobile devices.  Click Here For Examples.

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FIN 3.0 is the combination of J2 Innovations new FIN Stack applications server, updated FIN Builder graphics tool, and an updated FIN Mobile app. The next generation of Building Automation Software.

FIN Mobile is the first App to provide the complete desktop feature set on a mobile device, zero learning curve, zero engineering, works great with Niagara and even better with FIN Stack, available as a free app for Apple and Android to run on your favorite smart phone and tablets.



Many of our products have received The Control Trends Awards (CTA), which recognizes leading companies, products, technology, and individuals in the building automation and HVAC controls industry.

Click here to see the 2014 Control Trends Award Winners



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Tridium Honeywell Siemens Johnson Controls
Schneider Electric Carrier Trane Invensys
Siebe Barber-Colman


Graphics (HTML-5 Ready)

Niagara 4 DG-Lux-5 FIN 3


System Integration

Open Communication:


Legacy Communication:

Control System Engineering

  • Select the correct controllers for your application to have the most optimized system performance and flexibility.
  • Create complete submittal designs; including graphical flow diagrams, schematics, schedules and cut-sheets.

Energy Services

  • Energy Audit Reports
  • Energy Projects
  • Calculated Paybacks
  • Assistance with Project Financing
  • Energy Analytics Software

Integrated Systems

  • HVAC Controls
  • Security Card Access
  • Video Surveillance
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation Control
  • Fault detection & Analytics


  • Onsite Training
  • Remote Internet Training
  • Online Videos


  • Engineering Firms
  • Mechanical Firms
  • Commissioning Agents
  • General Contractors
  • Building Owners
  • Facilities Managers

Technical Support

  • 24/7/365 Online Helpdesk
  • Create & Track Service Tickets Online
  • Fast Response Time
  • Service Agreements Available

Meet the Team

Jay_circle_grnJay Stark

President and founder of Building System Solutions and Zeus LLC. He leads both company teams with over 14 years of experience in the building automation and building energy management fields. From graphics development, to engineering, to estimating, and to project management, Jay has had experience with it all. He has assembled a team of individuals all working together to create the latest technology for operating and managing buildings within the Zeus analytical framework.



Terry Vail
Account Executive

Terry is a creative, energetic sales professional with over 15 years in sales planning and possess organizational skills that balance work, and team support. He is an effictive communicator which helps to engage in business to business relationships which helps to generate, manage and ensure a strong pipeline that presents new opportunities for growth.


Bob_circleRobert Dunn
Senior Controls Engineer

Bob has five years of experience in engineering, programming, and system implementation on several controls projects. He received a BS in engineering from San Jose State University and an MS from University of Colorado, Colorado Springs while being employed in the Aerospace industry. After working as a contractor to the Air Force and NASA, he has made Omaha his home. When not working on controls, he is busy remodeling the house.



Vrushank_circleVrushank Patel
Control Systems Application Engineer

Vrushank has over 6 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering, Energy Savings, Programming, writing proper sequence of operations within Mechanical limitations of systems, building automation systems, energy calculations, design (component, wiring, and HVAC), retrofit commissioning, FEA, structural design and development of mechanical parts/assemble and manufacturing. Vrushank holds a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and B.Tech in Mechatronics Engineering from Ganpat University (India). He has certification in Niagara AX.


Tim Wisnieski
Sales Engineer

Tim has over 4 years of experience in designing, estimating, and overseeing construction on various commercial and industrial projects.  He received his EIT and Bachelors in Architectural Engineering in 2012 from the University of Nebraska – Omaha.  Tim is dedicated to delivery accurate, prompt, and quality solutions to our customers.  Currently working as a sales engineer, he is more than willing to tackle any job to help our customers and BSS succeed.


Jon_circleJohn L McCann III
Project Manager/ Service Technician

John is a knowledgeable and skilled Controls Specialist. Since 2000, he has been working with Pneumatics, Invensys, TAC, Trane, Siemens, Johnson & Honeywell controls systems. John holds a Universal EPA license, A Diploma From Universal Technical Institute for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. He is certified in Niagara-R2, Niagara-AX, Trane, ABB, and Danfoss.  He has been in Project Management for 3 years, and loves taking care of the customer and their needs.


Our Clients

Client Testimonials


My name is Jerry Law-Mumm and I work for the Lund Company of Omaha. We are a large commercial property management company with a very diverse and impressive portfolio. During the last 5 years I have had the distinct pleasure of working with BSS. They are my primary go to vendor for most all of my control needs. Within our firm tenant comfort comes first followed closely by building efficiency. We meet those needs with the results we get from BSS’s involvement. Their service after the fact is exemplary. I encourage you to work with them and see for yourself the impressive skills they bring to the table. I have worked on more projects than I can count with the fine people at BSS, We have had projects from $500 to over $1,000,000. They have all had successful and satisfying results. Jay Stark and his crew are an integral part of our collaboration team. To stay competitive in our market we have to stay on the cutting edge of technology, we would not be able to without BSS. I am proud to recommend them and am confident that they will meet your needs as well as they have ours. Feel free to contact me for any needed details on the many projects we have done together.

Jerry Law-Mumm
Senior Controls Engineer
lund logo

My name is Hans Deemer and I have been working in Kodiak, Alaska. The company I work for has a foot print across the globe in various areas. The main area I’m speaking of is construction. I recently worked on a 20 million dollar Navy project with BSSI.

This project included a 24,000 square foot new training facility and another 14,000 square foot in retro fitting two other buildings. I feel strongly that the project completion date was only made with major contributions in BSSI’s professionalism. The success on this project has earned BSSI an A list rating for future projects. Furthermore BSSI’s due diligence during commissioning and interaction with the end user was exemplary. Jason Knight himself helped simplify the project in troubled areas and his excellent communication skills enabled all trades involved to work efficiently. Not only would I recommend BSSI I would simply say you need them.

I sincerely look forward to The BSSI team on my next project,

Hans Deemer


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