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Posting Date: 1/16/17

Building System Solutions, LLC seeks Control Systems Application

Engineer in Omaha, NE.

Conduct energy audits, mechanical equipment testing, and sizing of

loads, along with the commissioning of mechanical systems with the

installed controls system. Prepare mechanical engineering studies

to determine proper sequence of operations strategies that will not

exceed mechanical limitations while reducing energy consumption.

Provide support in development of Zeus energy data analytical

software service. Determine energy use and optimal energy savings

by modeling mechanical systems operations strategies using Zeus

software and Niagara AX framework. Provide customer technical

support on location and remotely accessing mechanical


Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or related

field. Requires knowledge of diverse mechanical systems. Knowledge

of writing applications for programming sequences and applying

energy efficient standards. Knowledge of mechanical systems of

commercial buildings. Knowledge of the application of all the

mechanical laws. Knowledge of thermodynamics, energy transfers,

BTU’s, air handling system, and large chilled water and hot water

system central plant production. Knowledge of the application of

energy management strategies to buildings they are programming.

Knowledge of electrical control system operations. Knowledge of

programming software.

Applicants who are interested in this position may apply

online at reference: 96250

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